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Universal App. ID C8C3098970BD51635478FF443B318DF9E3DAEF48
Universal App ID. Provides a unique ID for an application across app sources/versions. Computed using the package name as well as each of the certificates used to sign the app: SHA1(PKG_NAME + " " + certFP1 + " " + ... + certFPn-1 + " " + certFPn)
Shared User ID String None
Version Code: 60
APK Source VirusShare
Added On 2013-05-09 07:42:32
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App Hashes:

APK 6B8EAF650E6F829A8FA89828DF45A6AA307F4520 
SHA1 Hash of the application binary. Computed as SHA1(APP_APK_FILE).
APK-SHA-256 B49E0E81DFEF074767BC19F58F153F2C12A3BCF195CD353FCB22E642D058D4BD 
SHA256 Hash of the application binary. Computed as SHA256(APP_APK_FILE).
APK-MD5 83929B3EA9B62C92A8060B4425BAFA33 
MD5 Hash of the application binary. Computed as MD5(APP_APK_FILE).
classes.dex 583B5847C50D21F09130F304AAF0F406C98FD988 
SHA1 Hash of the application dex extracted from the APK. Computed as SHA1(APP_DEX_FILE).
resources.arsc A0EC1EFEE75CC66FF4D287E9D7BFAE66C921C515 
SHA1 Hash of the application resource file extracted from the APK. Computed as SHA1(APP_RES_FILE).
AndroidManifest.xml B9704B58EAEFF9F6A00AF85852621042B17AD026 
SHA1 Hash of the application manifest file extracted from the APK. Computed as SHA1(APP_MANIFEST_FILE).

Signed by:

Fingerprint: 92:1D:2E:F2:67:26:5D:56:62:12:C8:82:53:5F:FF:5A:07:87:70:B5
Subject: C=ko, L=Seoul, O=ismaker, CN=ismaker
Issuer: C=ko, L=Seoul, O=ismaker, CN=ismaker
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  SimSimi 1 2017-10-15 01:35:38

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